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Mark Lehar

Mark A. Lehar - Natural Photography

Calgary, AB


Mark A. Lehar was born in the Dayton, Ohio area and took an interest in photography at an early age. A couple of trips to the Canadian Rockies during his college years proved to be expensive in film development costs, but opened his eye toward natural settings. Mark was first introduced to the digital camera in 1995 and the ability to capture hundreds of images only fueled his passion behind the camera. Now, Mr. Lehar has over sixteen years of proficiency behind the digital lens. He sincerely hopes that you enjoy looking at fruits of his efforts and encourages you to leave comments on any piece that moves your heart.

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Little Purple Rascals by Mark Lehar


Golden Sunset I by Mark Lehar


Golden Sunset III by Mark Lehar


Canadian Beauty by Mark Lehar


Emerald Ice by Mark Lehar


Kings of the Road by Mark Lehar


Relative Processes by Mark Lehar


Mush by Mark Lehar


Heart of Calgary by Mark Lehar


And the Clouds Parted by Mark Lehar


Needle by Mark Lehar


Lookout by Mark Lehar


The Dance by Mark Lehar


Downhill Joy by Mark Lehar


Bowed by Mark Lehar


Nothing Sacred by Mark Lehar


Washington Monument by Mark Lehar